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How do I stop worrying?

There are some people who are always worried about something.

Take A.  She is worried about whether she will be able to climb the steps of a holiday villa that is not even booked yet.  In addition she is also worried that her usual taxi driver won’t be able to drive her to the airport and whether she will get everything in her suitcase for the Ryanair flight.

Take B.  He is worried about going into meetings at work.  Will he stumble if he is asked a question? Will his colleagues look at him?  Judge him?  Will they think he doesn’t know how to do his job?

Take C.  She is worried about her health.  If she gets a pain she immediately researches for signs of something serious. If she feels unwell she has to see the doctor immediately and paces the room crying until she does so.

Take D.  She is constantly worrying about her children and the time she spends with them, the food she cooks for them, whether they are developing at the right stages and whether their behaviour is normal.

Can you relate to any of these people?  Of course we all worry from time to time but if your worrying is getting out of hand then this must be making life uncomfortable for you.  Unless of course a worrier is who you are and how you define yourself.  In which case you are probably ok with it most of the time and in fact would be lost without something to worry about.

Anxiety and worry can give you headaches, backaches, tension, sleepless nights, affect your appetite etc.  Constant worrying can be seen as a habit and/or an addictive behaviour.  Both of these perspectives allow for change.  Cognitive therapy can certainly help you to make changes if that is what you would like.

Worrying is also wasted energy.  By that I mean if you didn’t worry what other positive things could you do with your time.  Think about putting all that energy into a new project/task or hobby or breathing deeply and relaxing away the time.

Most worriers do not live in the present moment but are stuck either in the past or in the future.  Learning mindfulness will help you do do this.

At this moment in time do you have anything to worry about?  If not then relax.

If there is a problem and you can do something about it then you don’t need to worry.
If there is a problem and you cannot do anything about then you don’t need to worry either.

Slow down, let go of your worries and enjoy the flow of the moment.

Any questions please post on comments.

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4 thoughts on “How do I stop worrying?

  1. Andrea Harrn Post author

    Some people are hooked on their own anxious states. They are only happy when they are worried! They even get anxious when they don’t have anything to worry about…. Thanks for your comment

  2. Aika

    I hate to admit it but I’m a worrier as well. I worry about almost anything, which I should try to change starting from now. Thanks for sharing some of these useful tips. I’ll make sure to put them into practice.

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