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Handling Relationship Breakdown with Confidence Workshop 

When asked what the participants had learnt from the workshop they replied as follows:

I’ve learn to state what I want and communicate more clearly

To be stronger and stand up for what I want

To be calmer with my ex wife regarding our son

That choice of words is important – I will try the techniques at the next opportunity

How to approach my partner and have discussions about our children

Rather than bottle things up to learn how to deal with things in a stronger and calmer way

To learn the stuck tape technique during conversations

To take my time, not to rush myself in making decisions and giving answers

This has given me strength and positive attitude

Broken record advice good.  I will state what I want now

How to communicate better

I have learnt how to keep calm and to the point

I will use techniques learnt

I have learnt to use shorter sentences

I have rights too!  I will practice being assertive

I need to focus on the positives and the long term future

I need to write down and plan things more

I will keep my sentences shorter.  You cannot control them so control yourself.

Take less words but use them more powerfully

Prioritise your desires in writing to stay focused

To be aware of being more assertive

To practice and prepare thoughts/wants.

Be clear in what you would like and say it – believe in yourself

Practice and build positive thoughts

How to Stick to your Diet Workshop

“I have enjoyed the sharing in this workshop and will now work hard to change my habits”

“Andrea organised everything very well giving everyone a chance to express their opinions”

” Listening to other people express their feelings has been really helpful”

“This workshop has helped me to articulate my thought processes and really understand what is going on for me”

“I know know why my reactions are not appropriate to my triggers and I can challenge my thought processes”

“I will learn to sit with the discomfort”

“Some of the best facilitating I’ve ever come across”

“This will help me to eliminate my perceptions – what might have been ingrained”

“I was keen to be part of a group that shared a number of same issues – this has helped me to feel supported”

“The interaction between other members of this workshop has been  great”

“Very interesting and useful knowledge and advice”

“Will try to focus on my breathing and making the decision Not to necessarily eat and snack when I don’t need to”

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