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Why successful people have therapy


With the sad news today of the death of the wonderful actor James Gandolfini it got me to thinking about how many times my own clients have told me they have felt like Tony Soprano in the therapy room.  Tony was the mafia boss so wonderfully portrayed by James in the six series of the Sopranos.  Tony and his therapist had that kind of relationship that is essential to good therapy.  He would tell her all the gory details of his rise to power and his everyday problems of being a mafia boss and she would help him explore his thoughts and feelings.

Being at the top of an organisation has its own set of problems not connected to the work in hand.  For one, who else could he go to when he felt down, guilty or frustrated or maybe even afraid?   Its hard to share your vulnerabilities and weakness with those that look up to and respect you.    Then there was his family too.  Issues with his mother, sister and children and keeping his lovely wife happy at the end of the day.  I’m sure that his conversations with his therapist would have changed his ideas, perceptions and behaviour in that somewhere  in his own internal dialogue thereafter the human side of his character would have been steered him.

Some people see therapy as a weakness.  Others that are more enlightened see it as benefit like no other.  Its like having a second you, or even a third eye on  yourself when you can begin to look at life through a different lens.  A psychological exploration of the self with you in the driving seat.

I have worked with many successful business people (I live in East london after all).  City high flyers and CEOs, business men and the odd Tony Soprano type too.

Psychotherapy and counselling provide confidential space to run through the thoughts in your mind, discuss problems, issues, work or otherwise and this allows space to have clear thinking without fear of being judged in any way.

RIP James Gandolfino.

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5 thoughts on “Why successful people have therapy

  1. Nashedur Rahman

    I totally agree, I use to think that counselling was for weak people and that if i did go counselling that there was something wrong with me. How wrong I was! After attending counselling with yourself and a few other people, the feeling I got was more of liberation, finally i had a chance to talk about how i really felt in a safe and non-judgemental environment. I use to be scared that opening up to a counsellor, that they would laugh behind my back when i was gone, so for me the integrity and sincerity of a counsellor is very important and you certainly have integrity and sincerity with large doses of empathy. Counselling has helped me a lot in my life journey, without it i would have many unresolved personally problems. If I had it my way, i would make counselling mandatory for everyone, for adults as well as children. The sooner we can resolve pyschological issues in our lives, even the ones we are not aware of the sooner we can start living a more balanced life.

  2. Delina Dimova

    I would like to draw the attention towards emotional healing which again is something that a therapist can do. Once you have completed the dysfunctions of the mind then it’s good practice to continue with coaching. Coaching is a conversation, solution-based and action-triggered, where new higher levels of development and effectiveness are achieved.
    I believe that the successful peoples hearts have gotten harder over the years of many countless decisions. Their hearts need self-love and self-nurture. They will be more joyful and productive in new unimaginable ways as soon as they reconnect and tune into their internal world again.
    It is the young generations wish that the older generation opens up to feel, to be responsive to their Feelings. Learn how to feel. Be vulnerable and open.
    I imagine myself in a room with a big boss and all i see is a hardened child inside that is hungry for emotional healing, love and attention. I would love to be in that room and provide the space so this big boss can find a way to love the inner child again and see their shining smile come forth.
    I am in the room, holding space, channeling forgiving energy, so the big boss can break down and rebuild himself. It is the end result when one has the aha moment that i am in love with and it is my passion to make these moments multiply.
    with love and with light


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