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Why goals are important

So, its the 21st January and today is the day when most New Year resolutions are said to fall apart.    Its all fine and good to resolve for change but unless your are specific about what it is you are aiming for then how can you stick to it.  For example, if you said I want to go to Yorkshire this weekend would you just set off without consulting a map or your sat nav?    Even before that would you decide where a about in Yorkshire you are going.  Its a big place.  Are you going to the city or the countryside and what are you even going there for.  So you need to be specific.  Once you’ve decided you need to find the directions. The first thing your sat nav asks you is your current location.  Only then can you get clear and specific directions to your destination.

Its the same with your life.  What are your goals for yourself?   These might relate to personal or work/business issues.  What is your intention and what are you focusing on?   Where are you now?

A friend of mine was starting a new business but it was all a big vague.  He had some ideas about a technology app that he wanted to develop but wasn’t too sure if he could afford to get it off the ground.   He had another idea about buying properties to rent out for long term investment but didn’t really have a time frame in mind for this.  He wanted to get rich quick and live the high life.  But  he was also thinking about moving out of London for a quieter life.  In essence this guy was not clear about his goals.   A year down the line nothing much had changed, he was still talking about his ideas but no further along the path.  Hardly surprising since he didn’t know which path he was walking.

Its all very well to envision lots of scenarios, dream lots of dreams and talk lots of talk.  Its not until you take action that progress will start.

Having a clear goal is the first step

What is your goal?  Be specific

What are you focusing on for your life?  Be specific

What will this mean to you?  Be specific

What action do you need to take to get there?  Be specific

What is the next step?  Be specific

A goal is like a puzzle, once you start the journey the pieces will fall into place and all journeys to success start with that first step.

So off you go!

Affirmation: I am responsible for taking the right steps towards my own goal and will do so 

My next blog will talk about the step 2 – Working towards your goals.  Please follow my blog if you want to know more

This blog was inspired by an excellent workshop I attended this weekend for business entrepeneurs run by Wilson Luna

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