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Goals and where am I now?

Until you know where you are then its going to be difficult to take meaningful steps towards where you want to be.  Quite often we kid ourselves and others about our lives, what we do, who we know, how successful we are or not.  Its all too easy to make things up to impress others or to bury our heads in the sand with the truth.

Honesty and truth about yourself will set you free to open yourself up to happiness, creativity, success and freedom.

I’m going to show you a little exercise I use with clients looking to make changes for themselves.


Take a piece of paper and lots of coloured pens/pencils and draw out your life on that page without any holds barred.  Just go for it.  When you’ve finished take a look and see what’s there.  You might find it full of colour or perhaps quite dull in appearance.  You may see things clearly on the page or it might look a bit muddled.  Who is in the picture and who is missing.  What do you feel like when you look at it?  What does this picture tell you?

This is a great way to take an honest evaluation of your life at this moment.


On a new piece of paper please now draw freely what you would like your life to look like and take your time and don’t hold back.  This is a chance to dream freely about what you want for yourself.
When you have finished just see what is on there, who is on there.  How do you feel when you look at this picture.

Quite often clients look at this second picture and when talking it through begin to see that a lot of what they want in the second picture they actually have already in their lives.

I don’t want to influence you here so I’m going to let you try this and then ask the question about each thing on the second picture.  i.e. do I already have this in my life but maybe I just didn’t notice for a while.

So enjoy drawing and check back for the next post on working towards your goals.

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