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Disillusioned – feeling let down by Brexit

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Disillusionment – feeling let down by Brexit

Disillusionment refers to a feeling that arises from the discovery that something is not what it was anticipated to be.  How many times have you wanted to truly believe that promise made by a politician? How many times have you then felt let down and cheated and yet you continue to hope that there was sincerity in what was said.  People look for excuses as to why this or that did not turn out the way they expected.  It must have been something unavoidable as they could not possibly have just been pulling the wool over our eyes.  Could they?  People want to believe in others.

The problem when you relate it to politics is that when votes are being sought and campaigning is in full swing the language used and the passions involved can lead to an “illusion”.  Something truly great is about to happen if you vote for this person or their party.  Alternatively, if you do not vote for them lots of terrible things will happen. Clever language and imagery are used to put points across and emotional manipulation plays to our fears and insecurities.  I have great admiration for anyone that goes into politics because I do truly believe that you would not be there if you did not care about making a better world and thankfully there are many good caring politicians out there.  

In the light of the recent Brexit debate and decision it is now apparently clear that the selfishness of individuals and their own political ambition has led to a complete devastation and destruction of the parliament that we voted in to keep us safe, secure and make decisions on our behalf.   No wonder we are left feeling cynical.

Trust is the basis of secure relationships.  From early life we learn to trust our parents and primary caregivers. That trust includes knowing the rules, the boundaries, the good and the bad.  We learn as children that we cannot always have our own way and that disappointment is inevitable.   Feeling safe helps us to cope with life, the ups and downs and making our own decisions, whether right or wrong.  For every action there is a reaction.   Consequences of successes and failures help us to grow as individuals.

Taking a reality check of the situation as it now is allows the opportunity to view ourselves as a nation divided and angry with our leaders.  They, in the meantime, are arguing amongst themselves and having their own power battles.  Considering the needs of  all those people that will be affected at grass roots level by this momentous decision is what is needed right now.  When fear and insecurity arise so does extremism in its worst form.  We need strong leadership more than ever, a leader we can trust to care for us and have our best interests at heart.

To avoid becoming disillusioned in the future, trust your own instincts, read more, lower your expectations, be guided by history and don’t give in to fear and above all else question the “illusion”.


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