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What is the mindset blueprint?

mindset blueprint

    The mindset blueprint

Have you heard about the mindset blueprint?  It is all about reprogramming the mind to reach your goals. In order to be successful in the business world you need 20% skill and 80% mindset.  Mindset is the number 1 thing that needs to be worked on.  You can have all the skills in the world but if your attitude is wrong you are not going far.  I came across this concept at a recent motivational talk given by Jo Bioletti, who started her first business at 21 and is now a professional network marketer.  Jo talked about following a cycle of behaviour on a regular daily basis so I was naturally interested to know more.

The mindset blueprint

To reprogramme your mind and master your inner game plan you need to work on yourself and your routine.  Creating a positive mindset includes following daily routines, investing in knowledge and clear goal setting.  Jo invests a lot of time and money in books, CDs, Podcasts and training.  She creates her vision and sets her goals.  This has also meant dropping bad habits and bringing in new ones.  She has strong self-belief and reinforces that with affirmations.

The goal setting

For Jo its about creating a life long vision plan broken down into short term and long term goals.  Her current goal is to create a lifestyle with no restrictions, to have choices and freedom.  A vision board enables her to look at how much money she WILL earn, which car she WILL drive and the multiple properties she WILL own.

The daily routine

Jo starts her day with a positive affirmation such as

Today is going to be a brilliant day OR

I can do anything

She listens to a morning mindset blueprint podcast or a You Tube video and connects to her goal setting.  There is no looking at her phone or social media for at least 90 minutes.

I really like this idea of starting the day focusing on yourself and your goals.  We are all SO distracted these days by technology.

The Knowledge

Reading motivational books helps Jo stay on top of her game – she follows Dave O’Connor on a regular basis: How to Create the Mindset of a Network Marketing Champion

Her other favourites are Think and Grow Rich and The Secret

The Habits

Spending time with like-minded people is the way to do it.  Who wants to be dragged down by negativity.  Jo doesn’t watch the news or read newspapers, preferring instead to focus on her work ethic and goals.

The main benefits of following the mindset blueprint are becoming more energetic, positive, outgoing and ready to go out and achieve.  Obstacles are overcome and excuses are non-existent.  3 gratitudes every night help her sleep well.

Does this sound easy to you?  Does it sound achievable?  What could be your mindset blueprint?

Here I am interviewing Jo:

Jo Bioletti and Andrea Harrn

Interview with Jo Bioletti on the mindset blueprint

If you want to know more about Jo you can find her here at:  Jo Bioletti

I met Jo at the Athena network City and West Essex Branch.  Athena is THE place for successful business women so if you are serious about your business email Stella Fehmi at Athena

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