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The Mood Book

Learn to recognize your moods and emotions using The Mood Book. Identify triggers and overcome obstacles that may be affecting your personal life with this accessible in-depth book on over 100 feelings, states of mind and mood disorders. With clear, straightforward advice and strategies on identifying signs and symptoms, how particular moods and emotions manifest, their underlying causes, and support and guidance on how to deal with them, you can increase your self-awareness and confidence. Choose a mood to explore at random, or check the A-Z listing if you want to address a specific emotion. Includes real-life case studies that explore specific problems and solutions. 

– Demystifies psychology 
– Addresses mental health 
– For Self-help or reference for personal or professional use alike 
– Identifies 100 moods and emotions 
– Ideal for self-management of emotions 
– Gives support and guidance 

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