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The Mood Book

The Mood Book - 100 moods and emotions

The Mood Book

I am very happy and proud to announce my latest publication The Mood Book.   A book for people who are interested in learning more about how and why they feel the way they do.

This book explores the highs and lows, complexities and intensities, as well as the positively joyous pleasures and deepest pains of 21st century life.  It is a collection of moods, emotions, feelings, states of mind and quirks of personality.  Included are some mood disorders, personality types and characteristics to learn more about.  You can read about case studies on eating disorders, relationship issues and work based stress because these are some of the most common problems that people bring to therapy.

Many of you are already successfully using The Mood Cards and Understand Deep Emotions.  The cards in these boxes simplify conversations and discussions around mental health by asking powerful questions. Engagement with the cards promotes self-awareness on current states of mind and experience.   The little faces have helped people to open up, which in turn has helped them to release difficult feelings.

Mental health problems are growing in the UK for a variety of reasons.   We can all play a part in helping others to feel valued.  Everyone has the ability to be a friend to someone in need.

The Mood Book expands on the cards by offering more facts and clear information.   It gives concise definitions along with common signs and symptoms to help with identification and naming of feelings.  There are examples and anecdotes to explore as well as sold practical guidance advice and support.

Here is a snippet example:


Self doubt as a feeling


A lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities.  Not trusting yourself to make decisions, negative self-talk and beliefs; seeking out, or conversely avoiding situations that may confirm your negative beliefs.


Self-doubt can start to creep into the mind at a very young age.  When a child is brought into the world with unconditional love, they are taught that it is ok to make mistakes.  They are valued and seen as equal to others.  Some parents try so hard to get it right that they put undue pressure on children.  Discipline and boundaries are vitally important for a child to feel safe and secure.   When discipline is too harsh, critical or unloving, the child blames themselves, feels unworthy and thus starts the process of negative core beliefs……….READ MORE


Try to look at yourself with a fresh pair of eyes to see that you are a special and worthy person.  Hang around with your childhood self to see how awesome, pure and innocent you were.  Shatter the limited view of what you can do and build a new vision for yourself……….READ MORE


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