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The Girl on the Wall

Alex and Kerri Wedding March 2013 036

The Girl on the Wall

The Girl on the Wall, silent, symbolic
Forget art, think what she represents
A time altogether more shambolic
Events for which some still seek recompense!

The Girl on the Wall, though just a drawing
I hope looks forward to a better day
Instead of seeing awful, bloody warring
She’ll be watching over other children play!

The Girl on the Wall, both still and moving
Like any other daughter, sister, niece
Reminds us all how precious life is, proving
There’s now a chance of finding lasting peace!

The Girl on the Wall, mere Bogside baby
History records ‘one more red stain’
But now elevated, honoured, maybe
Her life was not cut so short all in vain!

The Girl on the Wall, newly updated
To show recent progress has been made
The butterfly no longer understated
The rifle now in two as troubles fade!

The Girl on the Wall lies six feet under
Her legacy is there for all to see     
The victim of a huge bilateral blunder
At least now she is well and truly free!

Gordon A Hobbs  March 2013

Two years ago I visited Derry in Northern Ireland for the first time.  It was on the occasion of my son’s wedding to a lovely Derry gal, Kerri.   I wanted my guests from London (around 50 in all) to not only have a wonderful weekend celebration wedding, but also to have the opportunity to experience Derry.  Martin McCrossan, a highly regarded Derry man, was our tour guide and in freezing cold, snowy weather we walked the walls of Derry and learnt much about the history of the City.  Sadly this week Martin McCrossan died.

He was a man that made a difference to his City, he truly believed in the peace process and spoke from the heart.  This poem was written by one of my guests about the girl on the wall.

RIP Martin McCrossan


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