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Below is a small selection of the feedback from 1 to 1 appointments I have received over the last few years…

Thank you for sorting out my head and helping me to control the voices in my head–  Computer engineer

Haven’t drank for over a year now – thank you – investment banker

I just wanted to let you know that I currently have 22 of my paintings on display and to thank you for your support and patience in talking things through. That time to talk and reflect has helped make this particular dream come true – Teacher and Artist

Andrea has been a great help to me over the past year. Her friendly manner and encouragement have enabled me to reevaluate my priorities in life and the experience has lead to a much happier me – Teacher

Thank you very much for all your time, it made a massive difference and bought it all into perspective. I can’t thank you enough. Also I thought I would mention that last night I did my first stand up routine infront of 80 people and it went very well. In fact it went so well the organisers didn’t believe it was my first time. I doubt I would have had the courage to do that without your help. I even have a couple of gigs lined up for next week – Comedian

you were so, experienced and thoughtful counsellor who was so welcoming and non-judgmental I felt able to confide in you immediately… after just three sessions I found it relatively easy to quit my drugs hell…i now look forward to a drug free life and all the possibilities and benefits that come with it…- Computer game designer

New job still going well and I’m really enjoying being in an orchestra now – thank you – civil servant

Have really enjoyed this learning experience of my self which has been achieved by the trust I had in our counselling and your expertise – trainee counsellor

Just a note to thank you for your help – it really sorted me out and with your excellent therapy I feel a stronger more balanced person – I really mean that – I wish you all the luck in your career and life and it has been a privilege to make your acquaintance – thanks so much – musician

Thanks so much for all the help an advice you’ve given me in the past and for sticking by me – you’ve been so much support and a real help and thank you for everything Andrea and god bless you. EE – Construction worker

Thank you for being so supportive and for listening – it meant a lot- much love  – personal shopper

Thank you for all your help this year – teacher

Thank you so much for helping me get my new job and a new life – singer and musician

Thank you for all your help and support – I’ll invite you to the wedding – model

We started on our journey both in separate cars
With your help we are healing our deep and wounded scars
Now we are learning again having fun and loving too
Both back in a single car and for that our thanks to you

– public sector workers

My sessions with you have made all the difference to my life – I was initially unsure about counselling due to a past experience – however I could not have been happier this time – you do a wonderful and valuable job and are worth your weight in gold – so thank you for helping me to help myself – student

I want you to know that you really helped me a tremendous deal and I’m grateful…I’m very happy now, busy and fulfilled– Charity worker

I/we owe you so much…i’m confident we have passed the stage of getting into difficulties – all is looking good…thank you – investment bankers

I do appreciate all you have done to help me – landscape gardener

Enjoyed meeting you – and thank you  – civil servant

I feel like a new person – one without the chains dragging her backwards…I have faced so many demons with your gentle help – facilities manager

I would like to say thank you to you. You helped me a great deal for the times that I saw you. Things are going well right now and we hope to be working towards a more fulfilling lives together. – IT Software engineer

Thanks for all you have dun. I am not sure were I would be today if it was not for people like you…that helped through such hard dark times – maintenance engineer

You certainly changed a number of lives – bereavement counsellor

I have to say that in my darkest times you were a revelation. I would arrive feeling very down in the dumps and leave full of hope and inspiration. Sometimes you need a sounding board, one who is completely independent and has no agenda – thank you for being that person…I am now so happy with who I am – sales executive

I wish to thank you for all your hard work with me and for your compassion over the time that I have been coming to see you. It is very much appreciate  – teacher

Heartfelt and headfelt thanks for sorting out my mind – electrician

Feedback from previous retreat weekends and workshops

“I didn’t have any preconceived ideas but I found it very enjoyable interesting and good fun……well organised with calm aura….would participate in another retreat in the future”
VJ – TV producer

“good workshop – enjoyed it…very easy, approachable and open”
SD – retired health administrator

“enjoyed the first session as I was able to immediately let go of all of my emotions and then relax and get the most out of the weekend”
LM – Website editor

“loved workshop…enjoyed everything, beyond my expectations – hope I can carry everything forward that will make a real difference in my life”
JP – Social worker

“enjoyed archetype sessions and simple meditations…increased my self awareness which will help me in the future – enjoyed socialising with the group – very effective facilitator”
JM – Investment banker

“A feeling of complete relaxation that I don’t think I had ever experienced before”

“loved the workshop…very approachable facilitator…learnt a lot about myself in archetype sessions…….will now think about things before I jump in…will step back and assess situations more”
JB – Wigmaker

“The whole weekend was really powerful and I have seen some benefits of how I have been affected by it already, I cant wait to see how I get on in the future . I would love to see the details of the course in September”
JO – advocate for elderly

“It was something I was convinced was not for me when I said I would go. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was one of the best and most worthwhile weekends I have ever had. I was happy, sad, always interested and I would most definitely do something like this again. The way I look at things has changed and the way I deal with relationships and situations is much more positive”

“liked archetype session – got to know who I am…enjoyed the drawing …will continue to meditate to relax!”

“Will help me to work on strengthening myself and my relationships…”
AE – Teacher

“feel I know myself much better now and ready to move on…”
AT – Holistic Educational Therapist

“Facilitator very approachable and insightful…workshop was well run and you get out what you put in…”
ER – Spiritual Healer

“Facilitator was totally there for us with a gentle manner…will take time to integrate all lessons learned but all good…”
HE – Reiki Master

“Facilitator was easy to understand and follow…have learned more about myself and my life and feel more aware…”
AA – Pilates Teacher

“A deep and enjoyable workshop…the Ashram an added bonus…blessings and peace…”
RB – Shamanic Healer

“A privilege to meet you and to hear your truth and inspiration…thanks so much”
JS – Author of Childrens books

“A very successful and fulfilling weekend workshop – you touch many lives”
PH – Meditation Teacher

“Thank you for organising such a wonderful weekend and bringing positive energy into my life…”
MS – Mum

“Timing was perfect for me – am going away positive and energised”
AL – Film Producer

If you are interested in attending any of my retreat weekends please contact me.

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