A tale of passive aggressive behaviour: Criticism or Feedback

A tale of passive aggressive behaviour:  Criticism or Feedback

    So you are in a passive aggressive relationship.  There is something you want to tell your partner but a little voice tells you that he won’t take it well. Here’s the situation:  He likes to talk a lot and in fact he is quite an amusing storyteller. When in company he holds the floor and keeps dinner parties going with his amusing tales.  However, he doesn’t know when to stop talking.   Silences that might give another person an opportunity to talk are quickly filled by yet another of his stories.  You are aware that when others speak…

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Creating good karma

I often hear the people using the word karma when someone or something bad has happened to them or in society.   It is thought of as a punishment to come for those that deserve it and it is sometimes easier to think that karma will get that person rather than us having to take some action to communicate the problem.  The problem with this is that if we are imaging all the bad things that will happen because of karma what we are in fact doing is creating our own bad karma. On a society level we might think…

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