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Being a parent: 360 degree feedback

Being a parent: 360 degree feedback

Being a parent is a wonderful gift but can also be challenging and demanding.  Have you ever asked your kids how they think you are doing as a parent. A friend of mine Kay recently asked her 15 year old daughter how she was doing as a mother and was interested to hear the response.     She was told she shouts  and waves her arms about a lot.  She wakes up every day moaning how busy she is but seems to spend a lot of time watching catch up TV.   At first Kay was surprised to hear this.…

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pride at being British

Proud to be British Team GB Outside Buckingham Palace 10 September 2012 The whole country has been swept away by such an amazing sense of pride in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  It has been quite amazing to see this project take shape from the initial news that London was to be the host city, watching the progress of the building of the Olympic Park, listening to the news and media just prior to the games warning everyone about the chaos that might happen to being at the Olympic Park to watching this fantastic spectacle of human endeavour.  The whole…

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