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When was the last time you unleashed your Joy?

When was the last time you unleashed your Joy?

When I saw this painting this morning it really touched me. The first thing I noticed were the butterflies which I always feel drawn to. The butterfly is a symbol of change. The first butterfly I noticed was the green one close to the heart area. How many of us live life with closed hearts, defending ourselves from previous hurts, slights, judgments, rejections and pain. Unfortunately when things go wrong our natural default mechanism is to be wary; to hold ourselves back, to keep ourselves safe. We condition ourselves to believe that things will always be a certain way or…

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Organising a festival

For two years now I have been involved in the organisation of a festival at Gaunts House as part of the Heartbeat team.  I am the workshop coordinator for the event organising over 130 workshops over 4 days plus running my own workshop.   Gaunts is home to a Community of Profound Learning (CPL) – a spiritually based and holistic minded group of free thinkers committed to exploring and supporting the evolution of consciousness. The festival is called the Gaunts House Summer Gathering and started its life as a  meet up for everyone connected to the Gaunts Community to come together for…

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