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How do you know when a relationship has past its sell-by date?

How do you know when a relationship has past its sell-by date?

Take the shopping:  When the price is right, the food might still go in the trolley on and beyond the sell-buy date.   Use-by dates are also not necessarily adhered to.   The food may be a bit manky round the edges but the taste isn’t too bad, certainly not enough to throw away.  It is only when there is more concern of greater harm than good do we throw away. So how can we use the same guide for our relationships. In the beginning it all looks good, feels good and tastes good.  The attraction is there, nice packaging,…

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Goals and where am I now?

Until you know where you are then its going to be difficult to take meaningful steps towards where you want to be.  Quite often we kid ourselves and others about our lives, what we do, who we know, how successful we are or not.  Its all too easy to make things up to impress others or to bury our heads in the sand with the truth. Honesty and truth about yourself will set you free to open yourself up to happiness, creativity, success and freedom. I’m going to show you a little exercise I use with clients looking to make…

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