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Epping Forest October 2012

This last weekend has been one of the most relaxing weekend I can remember for a long time.  It started with a quiz on Friday night in aid of the Dream Factory which is a local charity that grants wishes and dreams to terminally ill children.  So far they have granted over 160 dreams so it was a lovely thing to be part of this evening and helping to raise money.  Actually started by a friend of mine Avril Mills who lost her own son at 9 years old and has worked tirelessly ever since to make the lives better for others going through illness.

The weekend continued with a trip to the Dickens town of Rochester with good friends.  Walking along the River and mooching through the little shops in the town centre.  Not really buying anything but enjoying looking at the different arts and crafts, antiques and scented soaps and candles.  Oh yes, I did buy two paperbacks in the charity shop.

Sunday continued with a walk in the morning in Epping Forest with another friend that I haven’t seen since we were 13 years old.  We used to be best friends but literally lost contact.  We found each other on Facebook and it turns out we both love trees and nature and even had the same favourite tree in the local park.    The scenery was stunning and the morning felt magical.

The day continued meeting up with other old friends at the lovely country house Down Hall where we spent the evening celebrating and remembering our dear friend Steve who died 8 years ago.  It would have been his birthday.  There were more walks to be had in the beautiful grounds, lovely dinner to follow and lots of love and laughter all around.

This weekend has to be one of the best in ages.  I took the time to spend with friends, to catch up with people I haven’t seen in ages, help raise money for charity, remember those that have been lost, eat, drink and was merry.

I am feeling so relaxed this week and must remember to do it again soon.

Affirmation:  There is always time to make time to relax

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