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Pulling my hair out?

Frustration has turned me from a normally peaceful loving person into an irrational, angry one. 

I’m seething with anger and despair because I don’t feel I’m being taken seriously.  I’m not being listened to, given a run around and nothing I seem to do or say makes the slightest bit of difference.

Can they see the facts?  Are they living in the real world?  Do they see my point of view?  Are they being particularly awkward or is it all part of a plan to purposely frustrate me to the point that I just give up.

How simple it would be to sort things out by accepting responsibility and accountability.  But no, it seems that ignoring, delaying, denying and procrastinating is the preferred method.

Am I over-reacting?  Am I missing something?  Perhaps somewhere somehow I have not learnt to communicate effectively, or manage these feelings of frustration and anger.




Sound familiar?  We all feel frustrated at times and this is part of life but what is the best way to manage these feelings.

Firstly, take yourself out of the situation.  Go for walk, run or have a long hot bath filled with the most relaxing bubble bath foam.  Think about the situation from an objective point of view.

Who are the characters involved?
What is actually happening?
What part are you playing in this scene?
Do you like the view you have of yourself?
Do you agree with the behaviour of others involved?
How could you do things differently?

Now think about the following:

You cannot control the behaviour of others.  No matter what you do, how loud you shout or cry.  Keep your emotions out of it and look at the facts.  Think about whether you need to be involved in this situation any longer.  If there is no good reason to stay involved then do yourself a Big Favour and Leave!

Try one more time to communicate clearly your thoughts, opinions and solutions to this problem.  If the other party(s) is still not prepared to listen or do anything about it think about your options.  Can you enlist the help of a third party to mediate or perhaps look at enlisting a professional such as a lawyer.

Its not unusual for people to respond to frustration by giving up but when you know you are right something inside of you tells you to stick with it and don’t be beaten.

In the meantime don’t let this frustration impinge on the rest of your life.  Relax, meditate, run, walk, meet friends, chill out and put things in perspective.

Affirmation:  I can rise above the frustrations in my life by love, hope and a good sense of humour

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