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Mood Cards (SLOVENIAN)

Mood Cards (SLOVENIAN)

7 thoughts on “Mood Cards (SLOVENIAN)

  1. Martina Hiti

    I ´d like to order Razpoloženjske kartice (The Mood Cards) in Slovenian language. Is this the right way to order them?
    Thank you,

    1. Andrea Harrn Post author

      That link looks fine to use. I hope you love the cards in Slovenian. If not, I may have a couple of boxes myself in Slovenian. If you want to buy from me direct I can organise this. Best wishes Andrea

      1. Martina

        Yes, I would like to order The Mood Cards in Slovene language (Razpoloženjske kartice) from you directly – 2 items, please…one for me and one for my collegue 🙂
        My e-mail address for the invoice:
        Thank you very much!
        Best wishes,

  2. Rebeka

    Pozdravljeni, je še mogoče dobiti razpoloženjske kartice. Potrebovala bi jih za terapevtsko delo s pacienti z duševnimi motnjami in za delo z zdravljenimi alkoholiki. Bom zelo zelo hvaležna. Lep pozdrav, Rebeka

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