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The Mood Cards

Two box sets of beautifully illustrated mood and emotion cards offering a combination approach to positive mental health , emotional intelligence and general wellbeing. There are guided questions on the back of every card which takes a CBT approach. There is also a positive affirmation at the back of each card relating to each individual emotion.

Box 1 – suitable for adults, teenagers and young children

Contains 42 everyday moods and emotions that we all experience at different points in our lives. Perfect for individuals, adults, parents and children to enable greater understanding and practical ideas to overcome difficulties. Talking about emotions, thoughts and feelings from an early age is very beneficial for positive mental health. 

Box 2 – Understand Deep Emotions – suitable for adults and teenagers

This box dives deeper into emotions and issues that tend to be more troublesome. Includes mood disorders, personality types, emotions around relationships, childhood trauma, OCD, PTSD and addiction. This box is perfect to use alongside counselling or as a self-development tool to help move forward from difficult experiences in life.

Both card decks offer an opportunity to identify with your moods and emotions, a chance to think through your feelings with guided questions for self-exploration and followed by affirmations for positive thinking. Being mindfully aware and then using cognition and logic to gain understandings is a powerful way to bring about positive change and healing


The Mood Cards Boxes 1 and Box 2, The Mood Book and The Mood Diary have been translated into many many languages and are selling in over 30 countries worldwide. They are frequently listed on Amazon Top 10 bestseller list.

The Mood Series Translations

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