Andrea Harrn Counselling Services

Public Speaking Feedback

Forest School Snaresbrook – Talk to Parents about teenagers

“I found the evening very useful – if anything more time would have been good”

“Really enjoyed this talk – Andrea was very good, non-judgmental and gently led the audience through the topics of conversation”

” Thank you to Forest School for organising – I found it very reassuring that many parents are as “in the dark” about the next few years. ¬†Interesting to hear the views of Andrea Harrn and some of her experiences”

“A very informative evening and useful too”

“It was good to have a mix of theory following by time allowed to discuss various issues”

“Informative and helpful. ¬†Comforting to know that the situations us parents are dealing with are not isolated”

“The evening was well put together, good presentation, plenty of information and useful discussions”

“Andrea directed it very well and was very constructive in her responses as well as being open and honest”

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