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Psychology of Sales – tapping into emotional needs

Maslow''s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow”s Hierarchy of Needs

Here are 10 top tips for attracting sales using psychology and linking  to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Physiological needs:

1          People need to know that wherever you work there are basic facilities, toilets, water, comfortable place to sit.  Tell them about your premises

Safety and security:

2         Be clear about who you are and what you do.   Give a strong clear message in your advertising, when you speak to others, when you talk about your product.  I do this….for your health     It will help build that family home….   It can also help you to improve your job prospects or finding a partner.

3     Commitment and consistency.  Be clear about appointments and stick to them.  If you are always on time people can rely on you and will feel secure when working with you – leave nothing to doubt.   Too many people are wishy washy and unreliable – giving multiple messages about themselves and their business.   Hi, I’m an accountant  and I also sell beauty products!!   Confused?   Would you go to that person?  What does it tell you about that person?

4      Be an expert or authority on what you do.  If you have qualifications, had specific training or belong to a professional body tell people.  Write articles about your specialism.  Become the leading expert in your field.  People will respect you and feel safe and secure in your hands if you are the “expert”

Love and Belonging Needs:

5         Give something away for free, such as a free sample or some specialist information.  People will be more willing to want to give you something back.  This ties into the networking principle of helping others.   You will be also tapping into emotional needs for friendship and belonging.

6         We are social creatures and lots of people (not us of course) are sheep so they follow the crowd.  Talk about the crowd that uses your services.  I work with lots of people from the media profession or the music industry.  All of a sudden you will get more media clients.  Taps into the need for love, belonging and acceptance

Self-Esteem Needs: 

7     Being friendly builds rapport and relationships and this builds self-esteem.   Taps into the emotional need for connection and approval.  When we get on with people we feel free to bounce ideas and this allows our creativity to flow and  to grow.  So be open.  listen well, reflect back what you have heard. Help your customer to feel valued and they will help you – also taps into our altruistic need to do something good.

8     When you talk about your success stories use examples that people can or want to identify with.    For example when talking about a customer relate it to  the person you are now talking to.    For example if I talk to Belinda who runs her own pilates studio  I might say “I worked with a lovely lady recently that funnily enough is also a pilates teacher”.  All of a sudden I have Belinda’s interest.  Of course I might then go on to say how this person has benefitted from my services.  When people can identify with others this builds self-esteem, confidence and desire to act in the same way.   So find a common ground.

9         Help your customers to feel good about the fact that they can afford to pay you for your services.  They will value them far higher.  People on the whole prefer to pay than get freebies where they might  feel they “owe” you something.  Not a nice position to be in.   Example, NHS appointments – free – how many people don’t turn up for their appointments.

8     Help people choose.  Give them less choice.  I can see you at these times   2pm Monday     4pm Thursday or     9am Saturday. Do not bend on this.  With less choice people will make a decision – taps into the FOMO fear of missing out.   If you have an offer that ends on a certain date – make sure it ends on that date.  People will soon realise that they need to book your special deals or they will miss out.   Make sure your potential customers know what the benefits are and also make sure they know what might happen if they don’t buy X Y or Z.  People do not want to lose out on something good.  Choosing and making decision builds confidence


9     Don’t tell the whole story.  Be a little bit mysterious.  Nothing is more attractive to someone than knowing that they are bits of useful information that they don’t know.  They will be interested to find out more and at that point you make your sale.  Don’t give away all your secrets.   You’ve worked hard to learn them and earn them.  Now others can pay you for your knowledge.   You are not Wikipedia!  People will be interested in their own personal growth.  Dreams and creativity will grow and expand.  Inner potential can be explored by “not knowing” all the answers.

So Remember:

1               Be Clear

2              Be Consistent

3              Be Confident

4              Be Friendly

5              Be the Expert

This article was the basis of a recent talk I gave at the Athena Networking Group for women run by the inspiring Stella Fehmi

And the Pilates expert is the lovely Belinda Moss: 

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  1. Olivia Lowe

    Thank you for such a well thought through summary of how to approach selling what we do with sensitivity and an understanding of our potential clients’ needs. I will certainly keep it in mind.

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