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pride at being British

Proud to be British

Team GB Outside Buckingham Palace 10 September 2012

The whole country has been swept away by such an amazing sense of pride in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  It has been quite amazing to see this project take shape from the initial news that London was to be the host city, watching the progress of the building of the Olympic Park, listening to the news and media just prior to the games warning everyone about the chaos that might happen to being at the Olympic Park to watching this fantastic spectacle of human endeavour.  The whole journey has been awesome.
I have woken up this morning feeling like I want to frame this picture and put it on my wall.  The pride I feel   towards the Olympians nearly brings me to tears.  The hard work they have put in over the years, intense training, having to give up other areas of enjoyment to fulfil their dreams.  Their passion for the sport is admirable and their attitudes even more outstanding.  When listening to them interviewed what has really come across is their sense of being part of one big team GB.  Few egos have stood out wanting glory for themselves.  What they have done for GB is just incredible.
The paralympics for me was the best.  I was fortunate enough to get tickets in the first ballot for the Olympics and watched the basketball and swimming at The Olympic Park.  Those 2 days were fantastic experiences – being part of such competition and warmth from the Games Makers as we entered the Park and left to the cheers for every competitor as they entered the arena.  I just wanted more and more.    As the Olympics grew in attention all eyes were on the paralympics.  I managed to get tickets for the Olympic Stadium last week.  As we entered the stadium I was overwhelmed with pride for what our construction workers, architects, planners, organisers have created.  The stadium is incredible – wherever you are the view is brilliant and clear.
When any and every Paralympic athlete came onto the track the support for them just blew me away.  I have never in my life been part of such a wave of human enthusiasm and excitement.   But when the British athletes entered the support was so emotional that I did have tears in my eyes – it gave me so much hope and pride – I felt guilty at the same time – it was like a light bulb moment for me – seeing just what can be achieved when determination is applied to rigorous hard work and training.   The disabilities of the individuals were no longer relevant.  What I saw was human strength at its greatest.
You are our Greatest Role Models and
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