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Organising a Festival – one week to go

Well with just over a week to go the pace is hotting up.  Phone calls and emails are increasing and people are starting ask more questions about the event and the workshops.  The Heartbeat Group of organisers are in constant contact as decisions need to be made.  Its all systems go now.

I’ve sent out emails to all the workshop leaders but some are having trouble reading them – I thought when I bought a new computer that sending emails would be easier not harder but now having to convert text, send as old files – the technology is doing my head in!!!!

But on the positive side I’m really looking forward to driving down to Gaunts House – the best bit being as I enter the gate with the little thatched cottage on the left and start to drive down the lane and its at that point that normally a wave of calm washes over me and I usually stop half way down the lane to just have a look around and listen to the silence.

As I approach the house I know that once i’ve settled in to my room and had my first hot drink I will feel like i’ve come home – because that is how Gaunts House feels to me nowadays, a bit like home.  You know that feeling when you come in after work and you kick off our shoes and flop down……well that will be me…….flopping down on my favourite sofa just outside the library.  I may just take a few moments there to enjoy a hot drink.

My workshop coordinator  soul sister Roz Crampton will already be there (I hope) and we always have such fun together that I will look forward to seeing her and that’s when I’ll know that after a year of hard work the fun will soon begin.

A day later the vollies will be arriving.  2 of my friends are volunteering this year Sandy and Heather and Sandy’s daughter Clare too – last year Sandy was amazing – after about 30 mins in the place she knew everyone and was a fantastic vollie working on the gate.  This year she’s bringing Clare along and I know they are going to have a ball together.  Heather has got her wings ready – she will be an angel for 4 days and is already well suited to the job.

I think we are nearly there with our vollie numbers now, Georgia Stuart has done an amazing job of recruitment and i”m sure she’ll be a great vollie coordinator.  May still be room left if anyone still wants to come and volunteer but better get in quick.

Workshop leaders will start arriving on the Wednesday too and i’m looking forward to welcoming them in the ballroom at 8pm.  There will be some familiar faces but quite a few new people too.  Have had so many offers of workshops this year – its hard to fit everyone in but hopefully the programme will be excellent as the quality of workshop leaders is top class.

I will also be running 3 workshops myself.  Starting off with Walking for Energy, Connection and Intention on the Thursday am I invite you all to join me in a walk through the woods, a chance to connect with nature, trees and the countryside and ending with a visit to Starhenge to set our intentions for the next four days.  My other workshops will be Aspects of Love and the Six Thinking Hats.

Usually the Wednesday night the atmosphere is buzzing and I remember clearly last year going to visit my friends in their tents and yurts and chatting to everyone – the party started!!!!  Sounds of the drums, guitars, singing, poetry, chanting….

Thursday morning more and more people will be arriving and pitching up in the camping field or going to check into the house – all of those that know Gaunts House will know that things tend to be chaotic there and chaos naturally leads to spontaneity and creativity.

Workshops will start on the Thursday am and at midday will be the opening ceremony.  Last year apparently was the biggest number of people at the opening ceremony and i wonder if this year will be the same.

Four days of workshops, music, stalls, therapies, food, making new friends, connecting with old ones…….

I’m getting excited now and look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

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