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My Head is a Shed


My head is a shed full of old and new

It needs cleaning out – I need a better view

It’s hard to get rid of the rusty and old

Things that are familiar keep out the cold


The shed is too full – yet not full enough

A lifetime of memories, possession and stuff

Things that have meaning, but limited use

Just stay right with me – I can’t turn them loose


The shed is shaky, it needs some repair

A positive flower, a breath of fresh air

It’s hot and stifling and making me choke

I need to escape – but who will get broke?


Decisions, decisions – I wish I could know

How I would feel if I let myself grow

I don’t want to hurt anyone in my life

They are precious and their pain would cut like a knife


My shed needs a clear out – oh what do I chuck

There needs to be more room – I feel so stuck

I feel so unfair to be feeling this way

Peace and tranquility please come my way


My shed will stay full because I won’t decide

It’s easier that way – than go for a ride

I should look once again at the contents there

And be happy and grateful for a life that is fair


© Andrea Harrn 1994



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