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Mindfulness and Pain Management


As a mindfulness practitioner for over 15 years I have seen and experienced so many positive benefits for myself and others by meditating in a mindful way.  For example, reducing stress and anxiety, helping with conditions such as IBS and stomach related disorders as well as health anxiety in general.  It is amazing for relaxation and switching off thinking, coming into present moment awareness and raising and changing energy patterns in the mind and body.

Recently I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my neck and shoulder which I have been told is a structural mechanical problem in my spine and discs to the neck.  I have found over the years that the problems I face personally are always those that help me grow and learn more as a mental health practitioner.

So as well as visits to my local osteopath and physiotherapist I have also been using mindfulness to manage my own pain.  I do this by using a combination approach starting with connecting my body to the environment, focusing on the breath and either using a counting meditation or body scan meditation.   Mindful meditations do not seek to bypass what is, they are more about acceptance of that which is real.  Once I am in a very relaxed state, where thinking has switched off I use colours to transform the pain or work using “parts therapy”, taking parts of my body outside itself to re-assess in a mindful way and then re-integrate inside me.  Other times I call in reiki healing whilst in meditative state or channel healing through the crown chakra or third eye.  I might also work on the chakras to bring them into flow.  I don’t really have any plans of how to meditate – I start the meditation and then go with the flow and all I can say is I am helping myself right now.

I am always happy to teach these skills to anyone that is in pain or wants to learn a drug free way of managing pain.  Mindfulness is easy to learn but does need practice as it becomes easier and more powerful the more you do it.

I’m very grateful to all my many teachers along the way, university professors, supervisors, workshop leaders, healers and writers such as Thich Nhat Hanh.


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