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Keeping a gratitude diary

photo-4What do you do with the second diary that arrives as a present four weeks after you’ve bought and begun to fill in your 2014 diary?  This diary was given to me by a very close friend so I wanted it to have a very special place in my life during 2014.    I did consider transferring all information but somehow that didn’t seem a good idea.

So it has become a gratitude diary.   Every day I will record five things I am grateful for.

The benefits of gratitude and being actively grateful are many.  We often go through life taking things for granted, the little things that we don’t notice because we get too bogged down in work or other activities.  Being grateful is ascribing positive thinking to your life.  Being positive has many benefits to health and wellbeing.  A positive thought brings calm and warmth inside.

Today I am grateful for:

An early morning walk in the Forest

Living near the Forest



My family

Oooh, I feel nice and warm inside and I aim to continue writing this diary for the whole of 2014.



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