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I’d Rather be on Facebook

This one is for the 18-25s.

Are you spending too much time on Facebook and wasting your life away.

Maybe you are avoiding looking for a job or getting out there in the world.

There are times in everyone’s life when we are at crossroads and not sure which direction to go in. We don’t even know what we want to do. Its just easier to hope it will all go away and one day just wake up to find yourself looking out the window at your brand new car. Well wake up DREAMER your genie just left the bottle.

Don’t think I’m not sympathetic about your plight. You’ve worked hard at school, you did your homework (or maybe not) and now you want what every other person wants, a job, money, career prospects and a life that’s going somewhere. Who can blame you for that.

Mmmmm but how to get there?

Ok, think about the following.

Richard Branson, one of the UK’s most successful business men started his own business at 16, a magazine called the student. He then went on to start his own record business from the crypt of a church and advertised his records in his own magazine. He undercut high street prices and became an over night success. The rest is history. In his own words….

“Everyone needs something to aim for. You can call it a challenge, or you can call it a goal. It is what makes us human. It was challenges that took us from being cavemen to reaching for the stars.”, Richard Branson

So, what’s stopping you from being the next entrepreneur?

Most successful people in life will tell you that it wasn’t a straight road to success. They would have tried many things along the way, done lots of different jobs, went on as much training as they could get their hands on and probably made many mistakes along the way.

So getting back to which direction to take. Ask yourself the following:

1. What do I love doing?

2. What am I good at?

3. What can I offer a prospective employer?

4. Am I prepared to work hard to get on in life?

If you answered No to question 4 then go straight back to facebook (or bed).

If you answered Yes to question 4 then go back now to questions 1, 2 and 3 and make a concrete list to answer each question which will help you get clarity for yourself.

Remember there is no direct route to success. Its all about grabbing every opportunity that comes your way and learning from it.

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