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How to ride the emotional roller coaster

roller coaster of emotions

emotional roller coaster

The emotional roller coaster can be both exciting and scary.  The highs and lows and the bits in between when you are going round and round in circles can make you feel dazed and confused.

boarding the emotional carriage

You don’t need to board because you are already onboard and have been for many years.  Sometimes you wonder why you don’t just jump off and start again.  When peace prevails the view looks good.  You are making plans together, looking ahead and your partner seems to be listening to you.  You want to praise them for the things they do well.  We all love praise and appreciation.  There are a few things that have still not been resolved but those can wait. Validating your partner will strengthen your bond and make you feel closer to each other.  Let the good times roll.

emotional highs

As you move upwards, you feel passionate, loving, excited and dizzy with happiness.  Extreme highs are hard to maintain so enjoy them while you can.  During these times make the most of each other, love, have fun, sweet talk, laugh like children and be adventurous and spontaneous.  Don’t be the one to kill the joy.  Be in the moment.

emotional stability

Nothing much is happening and you are neither flying high or feeling depressed. Life has its normal ups and downs and it all feels manageable.  Your emotions are stable.  You are communicating like adults.  This is a GOOD place to be.

emotional lows

There are times when you need to talk properly about concerns and worries.  Be careful not avoid communication due to fear.  It’s  really important to have discussions so your relationship can develop and grow.  For some people facing up to adult talk or challenges can feel like a personal attack.  Especially when it comes out the blue.

emotions can switch in an instant

The way you communicate is often at the root of conflict.  If one or both of you is highly volatile then choose your words and timing carefully.  When you know something is likely to cause offence be mindful of how you broach that subject.  Understanding each others trigger points will enable you both to avoid pushing buttons of destruction.  Speak always from your heart and not from a place of resentment or anger.  Getting easily upset by your partners response makes it harder for them to find a way to make things right again.  Negative reactions usually come feeling attacked, not listened to or understood.  That’s when defences kick in.  Treat your partner as you wish to be treated.  Being kind to them is more likely to result in kindness back.

the photo booth

The ride has ended and you are off to the photo booth to collect the everlasting image of the two of you.  What does your image look like?  How would you describe what is going on?   If there was another image available what would that look like?  What needed to happen for that image?

Being aware of your own emotions is key to good relationships.  For more help on this take a look at The Mood Cards.  There are 42 moods and emotions so take a ride yourself for self-discovery

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