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How strong are you?


strong in words and actions

Sturdy, Powerful, vigorous, commands respect, able, competent, firm and courageous.  Do any of the above words sound like you?

Sometimes its hard to be strong when you are facing difficult life circumstances.  It would be great if we could be strong all the time but i’m not sure how possible that would be.  In fact one strength can be to ask for help when you need it or even show your vulnerabilities.

I’m interested in what it is that gives people strength.  Is it circumstances that have helped you grow or perhaps it is a personality trait.

What makes you strong?  Where do you get your strength from?  In what ways does being strong help you in life?  How do you show your strength?


When you are strong inside nothing and nobody can hurt you.

You can be clear and concise about your opinion without trying to control others

You can stand firm in your beliefs

Ok, you might be thinking but I don’t feel strong right now…….. fair enough just be where you are for today.
But in a while when you feel ready think back to a time when you showed strength, remember where you were and who was with you.  What did that feel like?
It was interesting to see a little boy of about 10 years old on TV the other day who dived into a river to save the little girl of 7 that lived next door.  When he was interviewed he was asked what kind of thoughts went through his head before he dived into the river.  He looked a bit confused at the question so they asked again.   “I just did it” he said, “I wasn’t thinking anything”.  It just shows that strength comes to those that need it at just the right time.
You never know how strong you are until the only choice you have is to be strong.


I am strong in words, strong in action and strong in connection – SOLID as a ROCK
Learn more about your strength:
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