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How do you make sense of terrorism?

Standing with France

Standing with France


Words are hard to find when faced with terrorism on your doorstep.  France is our neighbour, our friend, our brother and sister.

The attacks at this period in history can leave us feeling lost and powerless to know what to do.  We can feel confusion and despair!  Typical questions might be:

Why France?

Why Now?

What does this mean for the UK and other European cities?

Am I safe – do I stay away from the centre of the City?

Is this war?

Who are these people doing this?

It is hard to find the answers and know the truth.  We read and hear the news but of course we will never have the full picture.

It is not until terrorism is in your backyard that you really experience the horrors of hatred, war and destruction.  Is this act any worse than others that we read about?

I want to know what is inside the mind of a terrorist.  What are their thoughts and beliefs.  How real are they?  Why do they have these views.  Are they based on facts/evidence?  What do they think about random killings?  If they are brainwashed how does this happen, what is the form of the brainwashing.

I want to understand what is happening in this world.  We all need to understand so we can make this world a better place.

I want to say I feel strong and resilient but right now I don’t.  In the same breath I refuse to change my life and give in.  Otherwise terrorism has won.

At this moment I feel sadness and anticipation of what will happen next along with love and prayers for all those affected by this awful act against the innocent.



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