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How can The Mood Cards help

Box 1 has 42 cards of everyday moods and emotions experienced by adults and children

Box 2 has 50 cards many of which are deeper more troubling types of emotions that affect mental health and wellbeing in adults and children

Each card offers an opportunity to identify with the mood or emotion, a chance to think through those feelings using the 3 guided questions on the back of each card. Finally there is a positive affirmation to boost mood and confidence. Being mindfully aware and then using cognition and logic to gain understandings is a powerful way to bring about positive change and healing.

The mood cards provide a combination approach to positive mental health, emotional literacy and overall wellbeing.

In human interaction our emotions guide us to behave in certain ways and protect us from potential harm. To be wary or on guard with certain people, or to be trusting and open with others. This intuitive wisdom comes from within and we need to learn to trust ourselves. Positive thinking and mindfulness practice alone do not get to the root of the psyche. To be able to define, accept, fully express, dilute and explore feelings, will lead to a deeper understanding and new perspectives.

The mood cards offer opportunity for all of the above.

Emotion is an energy with a huge potential for transformation. Conscious awareness allows us to become observer as well as participant in our own life story, with the opportunity to direct the next chapter

Andrea Harrn

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