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How can Ayurvedic medicine help with emotional wellbeing?

Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurveda and emotions

As a holistic therapist I often wonder about other alternative treatments for emotional issues.  Having been to India and experienced a very relaxing Ayurvedic massage I was keen to know more about Ayurvedic treatments and the types of emotional issues that arise.  So I decided to find out more by interviewing Harley Street specialist Dr Ashish of Ashishveda UK

What are the Main Reasons for people seeing an Ayurvedic Practitioner?

Most people come along because they cannot find answers elsewhere and have been discouraged by other forms of help for their problems

How much do you believe emotional wellbeing plays a part in physical health?

100% – emotional wellbeing is the key missing ingredient when people suffer ill-health

How do you work with clients?

The presenting issue is never the main problem.  For example if people have insomnia this could lead to headaches, indigestion and depression.  The root cause may be because love, or a loving connection is missing from that person’s life.  Or it could be connected to changed circumstances such as a relationship breakup.  A full history of the health condition will be taken such as looking at routine, diet, relationships, lifestyle and the treatment might involve herbal medication such as turmeric or ginger to work on the physical level or massage and meditation to work on bringing calm and relieving stress.

In your experience what are the main emotions that emerge from an Ayurvedic consultation?

For women it is not being fulfilled in life, unhappiness, low mood, depression and no motivation.  For men it is anger, detachment and dismissive behaviour.  Of course both men and women come along with their emotional baggage, their resentments and low-self-esteem.  In many cases there is not enough sex or good healthy intimacy and I believe this to be the key to many conditions.  Without love and respect for self or other there will be unhappiness.

Dr. Ashish gave an example of Mrs X, who came along for back ache.  Actually here was an unfulfilled women, going through a mid-life crisis.  She had lost interest in her marriage and sex was non-existent.  It was recommended that she sleep naked for both hygiene reasons and being a way to help her get back in touch with her physical freedom (not being restricted by nightclothes).   She was taught breathing exercises and pelvic exercises to reach deep into the base root chakra and her primal instinct.


Although Dr Ashish is not a counsellor, the treatment as a whole includes communication of emotions which is clearly helpful to people in their recovery.  Her main specialisms are infertility, where again emotions plays a big role, especially fear and anxiety.

If you want to learn more about Ayurvedic treatment and how that might help with infertility or other intimacy issues please contact Dr Ashish at

If you want to learn more about your moods and emotions then The Mood Cards will help you.

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