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The House Whisperer interviews Andrea Harrn

The House Whisperer interview about The Mood Cards

The House Whisperer interviews Andrea Harrn about The Mood Cards

Last year I ran two workshops using The Mood Cards at the Earthdance Summer Gathering.  What a beautiful experience it was to meet up with so many friends for a weekend of joy, love and laughter.   During the weekend I was offered the opportunity to be interviewed by Christian Kyriacou, who is an architect, psychotherapist and expert in spatial energies.  His work worldwide in personal consultation as The House Whisperer and on TV and film has helped many people understand the correlation between ‘inner home’ and the external home where you live.   So naturally I was delighted to be interviewed by him.  In fact it did end up with me interviewing him too.

This is the first interview I have given about the cards, how and why I created them and my hope that they reach a wide audience.  I talk about my own personal journey and relationship to each of the 42 cards and how the colours were chosen in relation to the chakra system.

If you want to know more about Christian’s work: The House Whisperer

The Earthdance Summer Gathering is an annual event of drumming, workshops, healing, dance and generally an awesome vibe.  This year it will be taking place at The Clophill Centre in Bedfordshire Thursday 28th July to Sunday 31st July.  Earthdance

healing weekend

Earthdance Summer Gathering

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