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Envy in the Workplace

imagesAre you being thwarted from doing your job?  Are you aware of little comments here and there that start you doubting yourself?   Or perhaps there are disruptions to your workflow caused by the unnecessary interference of another.  Do you get that feeling that someone else wants to be you.

You are quite probably the target of envy, a most difficult destructive emotion that is hard to fight and even harder to prove.

Envious people target those that are successful, bright, popular and have good relationships with others at work and socially.

They covet your clients, your sales, your possessions and your personal qualities.  They resent your financial status and success.  They dislike the fact that you have strong family ties and community.

The envious person is one to be WARY of.  They might stop at nothing to taint your reputation, embellish facts and events to put you in a bad light, manipulate situations, inflict misfortune or state false claims against you.  You must beware of the Envious Work Colleague and be one step ahead.  You might have already tried to be nice, be friendly, offer the hand of advice or even a chocolate bar.  You are probably wasting your time.  At least in this moment of time.

Rather than using their energy to create their own successes, the envious person will try to out-do you, take undue credit and try to gain a supportive network against you by poisoning others .  Initially some might be taken in by the manipulate behaviour but don’t worry in time all will become clear and Mr or Mrs Envy will sink in their own hole.

They can even become obsessed with you and the light that you shine in what you do.  The problem here can sometimes be that an envious person will drain your energy and you may even begin to doubt yourself and lose confidence.  Remember this problem belongs to them NOT you.

They will quite often be passive aggressive – ignoring you, not turning up for meetings that you have organised, disrespecting you in other ways.  Nothing that can be proved against them!!

There is nothing quite as difficult as having a colleague at work targeting you to support their own insecurities and this is in fact what this is all about.  Their insecurities!

If you are reading this and wondering how to cope with this my first message to you is to STAY STRONG and remember that you are being caught up in somebody else’s issues.

More about this in a future blog:

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