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Disgusted by the coverage in the Media of the Jimmy Saville story

I find myself feeling quite disgusted by so many aspects of the Jimmy Saville investigation.

Firstly, the fact that so many people evidently knew about what was going on and either did not speak out or did not make their voices loud enough to be heard by the police or other governing, relevent bodies.  If people saw events happening that involved young children I wonder what it was that stopped them from doing more about it.

Secondly, the way the media has focused the attention on the failings of the BBC.  Of course the BBC and other organisations failed miserably in their responsibilities towards the young victims of JS.  They should of course be brought to task about this and I sincerely hope that those in the know will face the consequences, although something tells me this probably won’t happen.

Thirdly, and this is the one that disgusts me the most is the way that the victims have been interviewed for the camera and asked to speak about the details of what actually happened to them.  I understand that these details are crucial to the investigation and even to whether the reporters had a news story at all.  However to televise these interviews, going into as much detail as they have constitutes in my mind further abuse of the person.  It makes good television and i’m sure and I hate to say this but there will be people out there, enjoying the story with all its details for other reasons which I don’t wish to go into.

For a person to talk about sexual abuse is difficult in itself.  It will be a re-living of the trauma for many of his victims.  How can the televising of the details be helpful?  Sexual abuse takes many forms and this story may also bring up painful experiences for many other people that have experienced it.  Talking about the experience is of course helpful but come on media – please don’t sensationalise.  What is most important is that the victims find freedom from their pasts in a positive way.

What would have been far more helpful would be a proper look into the effects of sexual abuse on young people, a look into the causes and reasons why it happens and how people can overcome the traumas involved.

Is anyone else out there feeling disgusted by it?

What do you think might have been done differently?

How would you envisage a positive outcome from this dark tale?

From the depths of Disgust can grow the seeds of New Hope

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