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confused – where am I going

Are you feeling confused?  Do you have tangled thoughts, mind racing, mixed messages and bad communications.

When communication is unclear this can result in confusion.  How many times have your listened to instructions and half way through them got lost in language.  People have different ways of expressing themselves.  Some get to the point very quickly whilst others talk around the houses and waffle a bit.   Others just don’t bother to give time or eye contact.  Sounding familiar?

To avoid confusion think about the following:
Make your own communication crystal clear and if appropriate follow up by an email or text.

Check out what others mean by asking specific questions and if appropriate ask them to clarify.

Speak politely and with respect for the other person, giving them time to respond.

There is always more than one version of events so don’t get caught out.

Poor communication  often leads to misunderstandings and/or conflict and in personal relationships this can cause relationships to break down.

Unclear communication at work can mean following the “wrong” instructions and this could end up with you in trouble.  Or if you are the one giving the instruction can result in the work you wanted being done incorrectly.  Take the time to clarify.

Out of chaos confusion reigns and this can result in further misunderstandings and mistakes.

When you are confused you don’t know what to think, say or feel – you can even feel emotionally battered with it.

Don’t let that happen to you.  Take your time.  You are worth it!!

Affirmation:  I can be clear in my communication and will take my time to do so

Check out the Confused card The Mood Cards

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