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What is Passive Aggressive Behaviour?

What is Passive Aggressive Behaviour?

Passive aggressive behaviour takes many forms but can generally be described as a non-verbal aggression that manifests in negative behaviour. It is where you are angry with someone but do not or cannot tell them. Instead of communicating honestly when you feel upset, annoyed, irritated or disappointed you may instead bottle the feelings up, shut off verbally, give angry looks, make obvious changes in behaviour, be obstructive, sulky or put up a stone wall. It may also involve indirectly resisting requests from others by evading or creating confusion around the issue. Not going along with things. It can either be…

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A dozen way to clear resentments

 When we hold onto resentments we are holding on to negative emotional blocks.    Holding onto negativity is counter-productive to leading a happy, calm, conflict free, positive life.   Negativity is draining.  Imagine you are holding all your resentments in a  bag.  How large would it be?  Do you really want to continue carrying it? Make a commitment to yourself to release resentments and acknowledge that every circumstance that presents itself to us gives us an opportunity for learning and growth. Below are 12 suggested ways to clear the resentments you have: 1.    Find time to think about the resentments you hold. Make…

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