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How to Stick to your Diet – 5 Key questions

I recently held a one day workshop on the psychological factors around eating and being on a diet.   This workshop was held as a fundraiser for breast cancer and included lunch!!!   Yes I cooked (with some help which was gratefully received). 12 lovely ladies turned up of all different shapes and sizes.  Their reasons for attending were quite different too.  Some wanted to lose weight after Christmas.  Others have spent most of their lives on one diet or another and just wanted some new ideas.  Others were not looking to lose weight but were interested in the psychology…

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I’d Rather be on Facebook

This one is for the 18-25s. Are you spending too much time on Facebook and wasting your life away. Maybe you are avoiding looking for a job or getting out there in the world. There are times in everyone’s life when we are at crossroads and not sure which direction to go in. We don’t even know what we want to do. Its just easier to hope it will all go away and one day just wake up to find yourself looking out the window at your brand new car. Well wake up DREAMER your genie just left the bottle.…

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