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I’m always tidying up. Is this OCD?

I’m always tidying up.  Is this OCD?

So you tidy up a lot, you like all your food tins to be facing the same way and you double check you have locked the door at least twice before you leave the house.  You laugh at yourself quite readily in front of friends and when your partner calls you OCD you kind of agree with him. How many people do you know right now in your life who describe themselves or others as a bit OCD? OCD otherwise known as obsessive compulsive disorder is a term that is readily applied these days to anyone who might otherwise have…

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How do I stop worrying?

How do I stop worrying?

There are some people who are always worried about something. Take A.  She is worried about whether she will be able to climb the steps of a holiday villa that is not even booked yet.  In addition she is also worried that her usual taxi driver won’t be able to drive her to the airport and whether she will get everything in her suitcase for the Ryanair flight. Take B.  He is worried about going into meetings at work.  Will he stumble if he is asked a question? Will his colleagues look at him?  Judge him?  Will they think he doesn’t…

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