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Is it ok to be a people pleaser?

Is it ok to be a people pleaser?

I was recently talking to a friend about her relationship with her husband.  She said she knows how to keep him sweet.  She praises him (even when she’s angry).  She doesn’t ask him to help her in the house because she knows that upsets him.  When he does things that she does not agree with she keeps her mouth shut.  She does not want to rock the boat by  upsetting him.  I asked her why?  What stops her from being honest and this is what she told me. “I want a quiet life.   I let things go because I…

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The Bridge to Success

Part 3 of the Working Towards your Goal series. So,  now you know where you are and where you want to be the big question next is how do I get there. A friend of mine did this exercise recently.  When he a took a proper look at his life drawn out on paper it resembled a series of boxes, everything was defined exactly like that.  The work box, the house box, the decorating, the children, 3 of them all in separate boxes with their individual needs all boxed out.  Then there was the financial box and the worries all…

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