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Keeping a gratitude diary

Keeping a gratitude diary

What do you do with the second diary that arrives as a present four weeks after you’ve bought and begun to fill in your 2014 diary?  This diary was given to me by a very close friend so I wanted it to have a very special place in my life during 2014.    I did consider transferring all information but somehow that didn’t seem a good idea. So it has become a gratitude diary.   Every day I will record five things I am grateful for. The benefits of gratitude and being actively grateful are many.  We often go through…

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The benefits of Gratitude

We are coming towards the end of the year and with the festive season approaching it is a time to reflect about all that is good in our lives. Its so easy to get caught up buying presents, worrying about one day that is meant to be perfect.  Being the perfect mother, daughter, wife, father, son or brother.   Will Uncle Fred like his socks?  Will mum appreciate that jumper I’ve bought her or return it in the January sales? This is a good time to step back from stress and worries. Its the small things in life that matter…

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