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The Urban Shaman goes camping

The Urban Shaman goes camping

For those that know me well and follow me on social media I LOVE the forest and being out in nature.  Every day I walk with a passion and there is no greater feeling than the earth beneath my feet and connecting to the energies of the universe.  I’m no Urban Shaman.  However I have to admit that a few years ago I did have a long-standing fear of camping and staying outdoors all night.  This irrational fear, which felt perfectly rational at the time related to a long standing allergy to mosquito bites.  When I was around 17 I lived on…

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Can you help worrying?

To worry is to be overly concerned with a situation or problem, spending time, thoughts and energy on something that has already happened or might happen, . There must be so many people around the world that spent last night worrying about Hurricane Sandy and the damage it might inflict, or loved ones caught in the storm.   Will the rivers overflow, will buildings be damaged, trees fall down and people get hurt?  What will it all look like tomorrow? If we didn’t worry about that then we might be worrying about other major world issues such as the fighting in Syria…

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