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What are the 3 key qualities for business success?

What are the 3 key qualities for business success?

  I was interested to learn about the qualities, attitudes and emotions that determine success or failure in business so decided to interview Stella Fehmi of the Athena Women in Business Network.  She talked about redundancy a few years ago being her own catalyst for change.  Regular employment gave her a sense of purpose and job satisfaction.  When she lost that she went through a period of hurt, loss and sadness.  Her loyalty to the company seemed to count for nothing and there she was with her self-esteem lowered (just a little) because being the strong fighter that I know her to be this was…

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pride at being British

Proud to be British Team GB Outside Buckingham Palace 10 September 2012 The whole country has been swept away by such an amazing sense of pride in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  It has been quite amazing to see this project take shape from the initial news that London was to be the host city, watching the progress of the building of the Olympic Park, listening to the news and media just prior to the games warning everyone about the chaos that might happen to being at the Olympic Park to watching this fantastic spectacle of human endeavour.  The whole…

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