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Why successful people have therapy

Why successful people have therapy

With the sad news today of the death of the wonderful actor James Gandolfini it got me to thinking about how many times my own clients have told me they have felt like Tony Soprano in the therapy room.  Tony was the mafia boss so wonderfully portrayed by James in the six series of the Sopranos.  Tony and his therapist had that kind of relationship that is essential to good therapy.  He would tell her all the gory details of his rise to power and his everyday problems of being a mafia boss and she would help him explore his thoughts…

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When you are unsure of what to do

What to do.  Where to go.  Shall I or shan’t I? Do you have trouble making decisions in life?   How long do you procrastinate before you take action? There are times in everyone’s life when we may be at a crossroads and not sure which direction to go in.  Quite often we know what may lie ahead on each path but yet still we hesitate to go forward.   Life is a constant journey of change and every day will bring new challenges but there are times when we need to make more lasting changes.  This could be connected…

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