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I’m always tidying up. Is this OCD?

I’m always tidying up.  Is this OCD?

So you tidy up a lot, you like all your food tins to be facing the same way and you double check you have locked the door at least twice before you leave the house.  You laugh at yourself quite readily in front of friends and when your partner calls you OCD you kind of agree with him. How many people do you know right now in your life who describe themselves or others as a bit OCD? OCD otherwise known as obsessive compulsive disorder is a term that is readily applied these days to anyone who might otherwise have…

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Two pints of happiness and a packet of crisps?

We can all be happy but some of us have forgotten the feeling. This article will help you to reconnect with your happiness For many years we have been sold the idea that happiness will be ours if only we have the latest gadget, car, lifestyle, mobile phone etc. These ideas have been fed to us via myth and media and have fuelled consumerism and the desire to gain a happy status or identity in a material world. Whilst it’s important to have goals and challenges the reality is that in chasing the dream many of us have forgotten how to…

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