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Choosing a university course. Do parents know best?

Choosing a university course. Do parents know best?

Choosing a course to study at university is a big decision these days.  Especially now the fees are so high and jobs are not so easy to find.  Some teenagers are very clear about what they want to study.  They know what they love and they can already see themselves as a teacher, an engineer or a doctor.  For others it is quite confusing. Most parents mean well in trying to help but it is important to let your teenager follow their own dreams and aspirations. Recently I have been hearing a similar story in my therapy room. “I listened…

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I’d Rather be on Facebook

This one is for the 18-25s. Are you spending too much time on Facebook and wasting your life away. Maybe you are avoiding looking for a job or getting out there in the world. There are times in everyone’s life when we are at crossroads and not sure which direction to go in. We don’t even know what we want to do. Its just easier to hope it will all go away and one day just wake up to find yourself looking out the window at your brand new car. Well wake up DREAMER your genie just left the bottle.…

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