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The pain of Codependency and Limerence

The pain of Codependency and Limerence

When you love somebody so much that it hurts it can be one of the most painful experiences that a person can go through.   That person that you see as your soul mate does not respect you, gives you little in terms of loving acts or kindness and constantly disappoints.   Your friends and family tell you to leave him/her and that you deserve better but you don’t listen.  In fact after a while you no longer tell them about what  goes on because you know the reaction.  It doesn’t even make sense to you.  Its not what you thought love would be…

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Addiction Treatment

Offering professional structured counselling for addictive behaviours.  Over the past 18 years I have worked successfully with over 600 clients. Percentage breakdown by substance/drug/or other addiction of clients that I have worked with. In 2007 I was proud and honoured to be introduced to Prince Edward who opened the new wing at Drugsline where I worked as senior counsellor for 9 years. Many clients contact me because they are facing serious alcohol or drug problems. Because I have a lot of experience in this area I will be able to assess you very quickly and recommend your best treatment option. My…

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