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Being at One with the Universe

Taking time to connect to the wonders of the universe allows us to see the beauty surrounding us all
When we spend all our time thinking about this or that we are living in our heads and not in our bodies.  By that I  mean our thoughts dominate and control our lives.  For example, when we wake up we might think about all the things we have to get done in a day, work that needs doing, deadlines to achieve, people to call, chores that need attending to.  We can find ourselves rushing around from one place to another or from one person to another without giving ourselves time to connect with the moment we are in or enjoy breaks or mealtimes.    At these times we might feel stressed or under pressure to perform.  Its so easy to become stuck in the rat race of life.  Going round and round and never seeming to have time to even catch your breath.
We may think that one day (some time in the future) all will be ok.  That one day our lives will suddenly improve perhaps when we are retired or when we have saved enough money to work part time or move house to a better neighbourhood or perhaps when our kids have grown up and we have more freedom.   We chase success or search for happiness from external sources or from other people who we believe will make us happy if only they would do this or that.
Its easy to think that because it justifies our existence as busy busy people – busy busy people who are too busy to relax, slow down and smell the roses.
Life can feel challenging.  Our heads ache and our bodies suffer.
We don’t have to wait to find happiness.  We don’t have to look outside ourselves either.
All you have is within you – right where you are.
Take time to slow down and connect with the present moment – the NOW – the only place we can ever be.  We can’t live in the past or the future.  We can only live in the moment we are in and to truly experience life we need to fully experience ourselves

Try this:

Stand still for a moment or sit down and connect with your environment wherever you are 
Breathe deeply and slowly feeling the air in your lungs as it enters and leaves your body.
Feel your feet connect to the floor and feel the weight in your legs
Be still
Be aware of sounds around you but don’t judge them – just notice them
Be still
Allow your thoughts to drift above you like clouds
Empty your mind and reconnect with your body

Feel the rise and fall of your breath

Feel your connection to the environment around you

Be aware of yourself as part of a wider world
Connect to the energies of the wider world, to the trees and the sky and the earth
Feel the connection grow stronger

to all the elements that surround us

Feel the calm

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