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Addiction Treatment

Offering professional structured counselling for addictive behaviours.  Over the past 18 years I have worked successfully with over 600 clients.

Percentage breakdown by substance/drug/or other addiction of clients that I have worked with.

Addictions Pie Chart

In 2007 I was proud and honoured to be introduced to Prince Edward who opened the new wing at Drugsline where I worked as senior counsellor for 9 years.

Many clients contact me because they are facing serious alcohol or drug problems. Because I have a lot of experience in this area I will be able to assess you very quickly and recommend your best treatment option. My recommendation will depend on your personal circumstances such as whether you are:

Andrea Harrn

  • Physically or psychologically dependent or both
  • Your symptoms
  • Your pattern of use i.e. are you waking up with the shakes and drinking first thing in the morning or are you a binge drinker
  • The amount and number of substances you are using
  • How long this has been a problem for you and other relevant factors

I will work with you on a structured programme which will enable you to get control over your drinking or drug taking, respect back for yourself and provide you with the skills and tools to live a healthy fulfilling life.

For private, confidential and professional support then please give me a call now on 07958 714615 or contact me.

Fees for drug and/or alcohol counselling as follows:

Initial assessment appointment: £250

Three month structured programme: Fees of £95 per session payable in advance.

If after the assessment appointment we decide to work together fees are payable in advance on a non-refundable basis. If I feel that rehab is more appropriate I will make a referral for you.

Please mention when you call me that you are looking for addiction counselling

Book an Assessment Appointment Now

on 07958 7146156 or contact me

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