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What are the 3 key qualities for business success?


The key qualities of successful women in business

Interview with Stella Fehmi, RD of Athena Women in Business

I was interested to learn about the qualities, attitudes and emotions that determine success or failure in business so decided to interview Stella Fehmi of the Athena Women in Business Network.  She talked about redundancy a few years ago being her own catalyst for change.  Regular employment gave her a sense of purpose and job satisfaction.  When she lost that she went through a period of hurt, loss and sadness.  Her loyalty to the company seemed to count for nothing and there she was with her self-esteem lowered (just a little) because being the strong fighter that I know her to be this was the beginning of something far greater.

“When your back is against the wall you come out fighting”

Together we identified the following 3 key qualities:


Lots of people have great ideas but only a few people carry them through.  Vision is vital and being excited and passionate is a must.   You have be able to see the bigger picture and not let the opinions of others get in the way.  Don’t listen to the naysayers or the pessimists.  They are not you.  They are not going to do what it takes because they have fallen at the first hurdle, if they were ever in the race.   Being successful takes a lot of hard work.  To build a dream you need to have a clear concise plan, do your market research, create your brand/logo, see the bigger picture and have a team working with you to support you.  Put your mind to it and anything can happen.  Be determined.

Emotional Resilience

Success does not happen overnight, it is a process.  From the first idea/conception it is good to speak to others that might be able to help you, or even find yourself a mentor or business coach.  Its all about speaking to the right people and being selective in that choice.  Successful people are willing to help others.  They do not fear competition or engage in rivalry.  That is what makes them stand out.

“We are the sum of the 5 people we hang around with”

I couldn’t agree more with Stella on this.  Being around positive people is key to how you feel and how you behave.  Don’t be dragged down by others and their agendas.

You may have the best credentials and CV in the world.   You still need to put time into building relationships and never ignoring opportunities.  Stella talked about some women who come through the Athena door expecting others to build their business without giving anything back.  If you are offered a meeting, take it.  Be active and generous with the help you can give others.  Learn from others.  Let others build trust in you.  Why should they refer someone to you if they don’t know you yet.  If you are unreliable you definitely shouldn’t get referrals.  The first impression you make is so important.

We all want things to happen but do not allow your own frustrations and impatience to block your energy.  Of course things will take time, go wrong and need readjustment.  You are building a business after all and need to be adaptable.  Be Resilient.

Positive Mental Attitude 

This is vital but sometimes hard to maintain.  When things are not moving forward in the way you hoped or others are not as passionate about your business as you are, it is easy to feel disheartened and dejected.  Negative self-talk can stop you moving forward.  Some give up just before lift off and others find it hard to ask for help when they need it most.  Your thought processes as well as your vision at this time will be what keeps you going.  It takes massive energy to build a business.  Nobody will do it for you so you have to brush yourself down, get UP and make it happen!  If you appear needy people will pick up on that and be put off.  Who wants to buy from someone that is desperate for the business.  I’m sure we’ve all experienced the pushy salesperson who comes right into your personal space to tell you what YOU need? Don’t be Needy!  Instead look at what you can learn from every opportunity, be prepared to revisit your plan and make changes, be adaptable and do this for as long as it takes.  You can do it!  Even if other people are doing what you are doing, nobody can do it like you.  Keep going against all odds.  Hold your vision strongly in your mind.  Have a strong PMA.

The Athena Women in Business Network is there to help women grow their business and has years of experience in doing so.  They certainly helped me to get The Mood Cards off the ground and now selling worldwide and translated into 5 languages.

If you would like to know more about how Athena can help you grow business email:

The Athena Network

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3 thoughts on “What are the 3 key qualities for business success?

  1. Barry Shamplin

    Those qualities would be useful in life gemerally. (Speaking as a Professional Business Advisor l would add: write a business plan and make sure you start with sufficient capital!)

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